Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vista is RTM and pricing.

It's of no surprise to most that the full version of Vista is complete on November 8, because that date has been pretty firmly set for a while. That leaves the November 30 release for business customers and January 30 for retail looking pretty solid. After using RC1 I figured the date sounded very reasonable a month or so ago.

While plenty of work has been going on in Microsoft, a lot of discussion has been happening outside discussing the features, version comparisons and pricing of Vista.

My current reasons why I would upgrade to Vista from XP include:
Improved Media Centre
Nice built in search
Easier to find and open any programs
Built in .net 3.0, IE7, Media Player 11, DVD movie maker
Excellent backup restore options
Repartioning tool
Use USB key to speed up computer (at $Au27 for 1GB very cheap speed increase)

And why I wouldn't:
Home Premium doesn't have remote desktop or IIS, which means it's a downgrade from XP media centre
Too many annoying popups when doing daily tasks
May still not be stable enough compared to XP
Price, in Australia at least

So what do I mean by price in Australia? Take a quick look at two upgrade options I have and compare US prices to Australian prices:
Home Premium Upgrade
$US in US = $159
$US in Au = $230

Ultimate Upgrade
$US in US = $259
$US in Au = $380

That's RRP, so it's likely big US chains will come out even cheaper (as should a few Australian stores to). But have a look at the gap between Ultimate upgrade prices in Australia and the US. Rediculous!

I'm certainly going to heavily investigate my options of getting a copy in the US, even though I know it will be locked down pretty tight.

That said I'm willing to upgrade and hoping to get Ultimate given the few extra features that I will use.

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